1. Click [here] to buy tickets ($10). Make sure you select Philosofox the DJ on the drop-down menu of who you’re coming to see!

  2. Click the flier to RSVP on Facebook! Only $5!

    The Great Socio

    Kalen & the Sky Thieves

    Flat Mary Road

  3. Jason caught me playing with my new mixer on the day I got it #tbt #Rane68 #dj #serato

  4. My favorite Christian rapper Propaganda came to Philly for the first time Tuesday! Read my review of the show and download all his music for free at Music Without Labels.

  5. New album and video from Seattle chillwave duo ODESZA! Read all about it at Music Without Labels [here].

  6. Went heavy in my salsa crate for this one #wedding #dj (at Royce Brook Golf Club)

  7. #tbt to that time they put my name in lights at Lit Ultrabar for #BigLiberty

  8. My setup from the wedding this weekend. Might be my last one with the Gemini mixer. Thanks to @mandster60 for the borrowed laptop! #dj #serato #technics

  9. View from my DJ booth this evening #latergram (at Bally Spring Inn)