1. I make a brief background cameo in this video DJing at my Thirsty Thursday weekly, then located at Liberty Bar (22nd & Market) since moved to a larger space at R Bar (23rd & Walnut). Vinnie is a member of Jedi Mind Tricks and Army of the Pharaohs, Philly underground hip-hop royalty.


  2. RSVP for tonight’s shindig at Liberty Bar!

    22nd&Market, Philly.

    Spinning whatever the bar feels like.

  3. chillmoody:

    Always a great time linking with my OG. HipHop Legend Schoolly D. West Philly to the World. #nicethings #Philly #WestPhilly #Drunk

    Schoolly D now does Tuesdays at Liberty Bar, where I do Thursdays. Just met him while I was spinning last night, and he was wearing this exact outfit. Class act.

  4. Thirsty Thursday tonight chillenz. Liberty Bar. 9pm-2am.

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  5. I expect to see you all doing this tonight at Liberty Bar.

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  6. Every little thing will be alright if you come to Liberty Bar tonight for Thirsty Thursday. I can promise that. I’m the DJ.

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  7. Happy Sequential Date Day

    Come celebrate with us at Liberty Bar! $15 open bar 10pm til midnight!

    Philosofox the DJ rocking them beats all night long starting at 9 PM.

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  8. Come to Liberty Bar tonight to see the sweet trophy we won last week!

    &of course to hear me spin from 9ish to close!

    $3 kamikaze shots all night and a $15 open bar from 10-12 if that’s yo thang.

  9. Treat your ears right. Listen to this track from The Boatmen. &whatever else I make you listen to later tonight at Liberty Bar.

  10. Tonight I’ll just be hanging out after the Philadelphia Union game, but tomorrow the tunes you hear emanating from this door will be selected by yours truly. You should probably be there.